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Shopping condititons

To choose the product

The customer can choose and order of the products of the Black Crystal webshop. By clicking the choosen product the customer can read the extended information of it.  In case of your shopping purpose you can put the product you want to buy in a virtual bag by clicking the „into the shopping bag” button. By clicking the „ view” button you can find the list of products in the shopping bag and the total amount of the invoice. Here you can double check if the order is right with special regard to the quantity and the prices, which you can modify or correct, too. The shopping bag calculates automatically the total amount of the order.

Sending the order

If you found the quantity of the products in order, checked the total amount and you decided that you want to by them, than just click the „cash desk” button. After that you can decide whether you would like to log in as a registered customer, register as a new customer or you would like to shop without a registration. If you have buyed products in the Black Crystal webshop before, just give your e-mail address and your password you have given by the time of the first registration. If you would like to register as a new customer give the details which are necessary for the shopping and which will be stored by the system and you just have to login next time. In case of a purchase order without registration just give your invoicing  and  shipping address. In the next step choose the appropriate way of shipping (shipping service), and the payment method ( bank transfer, or credit card payment). If you agree with the content of your order just click on the „ order” button in order to send it to us.


Our prices are the valid best prices by the time of the order, which you can find next to the items in the webshop. The prices are gross prices, include the VAT, but exclude the haulage. The haulage can be found before the acceptance of the order and also among the terms of consumption. If mistake or deficiency appears regarding the products or the prices we reserve the right to the correction. The customber will be informed about the new conditions and he can renew his order or both parties can withdraw the contract.

Cost of shipping

The costs of shipping depends on the value of the order. The order categories with the associated shipping costst contains the table below:

Gross Value (USD) Shipping Cost (USD)
0 – 60,00 80
60,01 – 120,00 40
120,01 –10000,00 0

The costs of the shipping are defined per order (not per ordered item). They mean the door-to-door delivery.

Processing of the order

The processing of the order happens in two workdays.

Correcting data entry errors

Correcting the errors is only possible before clicking the „order „ button .


We send regarding all of the orders an e-mail feedback. It means that you will get an automaticly generated e-mail after the order has sent, and later one regarding the shipping date. In case of telephone reconciliation call one of the phone numbers of Black Crystal. It is possible to ask for a recall so that getting information is absolutely free for you.

Terms of payment

In the Black Crystal webshop you can pay with bank transfer or with credit card.

In case of bank transfer you find the necessary informations for the bank transfer in the “contact” field.


GLS will deliver the ordered Products (3-4 working day). The delivery time of the product is XX workday after the shipping. The customer must check the integrity of the package upon delivery, if the package is damaged it must be noticed to the deliverer. Please do not open and do not take over the damaged package. If after taking over the package a broken product is found inside it shall be reported within 24 hours to us with a photo attached. In this case we send a new product free of charge to the customer.

Withdraw from the delivery

In case the Black Crystal webshop  fails in its contractual obligation because the product specified in the contract is not available, or not able to provide the ordered service, the customer has to be informed. Black Crystal webshop does not enter into a contract with minors. With the acceptance of the commercial conditions the customer declares that he is major.

Returning the product

The product is taken back just in original wrapping and complete quantitative and qualitative status.

Information about the conditions of entering into a contract

The langueage of the contract is Hungarian and entering into a contract happens in written form.

Right of withdrawal/return guarantee

The customer has the right to withdraw the contract within 15 days without giving any reasons. He has the right of the withdrawal from the day he received the goods. Black Crystal is bound to refund the amount paid by the customer immediately but at least in 30 days. The customer shall bear the costs arising from the return of goods for using the right of withdrawal. The customer won’t be charged with any other costs. Black Crystal however has the right to claim the price of the damages resulting from improper useage of the goods.

Based on the right of withdrawal if the product is not in unexceptional status and it is not resellable, the customer is liable of damage in case the deterioration, wrack or other collapse of the return of the product if  is caused purposely or the negligence of the customer.

We cannot take responsibility for post lack of order or damage! You can download the text of the right of withdrawal (17/1999. edict) from the website of the Hungarian Authority of Consumer Protection.

Ownership clause

The product remains in the ownership of the Black Crystal until the total amount will be paid.

Modifying or cancelling the order

According to the law 2001 CVIII. the software of the webshop sends an automatic message from the fact that the order has been accepted. This message does not alter the fact that it is not a contract between the seller and buyer. It is just a notice to the customer that the purchase order has been registered and sent towards to the seller.

In case the costumer does not receive an automatic message its offer validity stops in 48 hours. The customer has the right to withdraw the order in electronic way until the specific performance.  At the beginning of the completion of the order the customer will be informed via e-mail and/or telephone about the approxiate time of delivery and the fact of delivery will also be confirmed. After that the customer can cancel the purchase order personally or through one of our contacts in written form.