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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

 What is the difference between the lead crystal and the lead free crystal?

  • Lead crystal
  • the material is more expensive because the lead-oxid mining increases the costs
  • soft, not that resistant to mechanic impacts, damages
  • easier to grind because of the softness of the material
  • cleaning is solely with hand and with liquid detergent
  • impact to the natural environment is higher
  • signed with gold matrice („24%PbO”) on the product
  • traditional material
  • Lead free crystal
  • producton of this material is cheaper
  • the material is harder and resistant to mechanic impacts and damages
  • harder to grind because of the hardness of the material
  • it can be cleaned in the wasmashine on occasion, but not continually
  • impact to the natural environment is smaller
  • signed with silver matrice on the product
  • modern material
  • In case of both materials the measured phisical and optical characteristics show familiar values (cleanliness, reflection)
  • How can a product be reffered, identified?
  • All of our products identifies an unique identification number, the item number. With the help of this four digit code the product can be identified punctually. This can be found above the „I put it into the shopping bag” button.

Black Crystal produces crystals with black colour?

  • No, the word black appears in the name of the company. The products in our webshop are not coloured.